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您好,我是中国国际贸易促进委员会英国代表处的。最近888的合作伙伴苏格兰国际发展局找到888,希翼帮一个威尔士的能源项目寻找中等规模的中国合作承包方,不知道您是否有会员感兴趣?我可以通过邮件把具体英文项目信息发给您,项目概述如下:Simec Atlantic is looking for a Chinese EPC contractor to provide turnkey services for the conversion of its Uskmouth coal power station into a waste-to-energy facility. They have approached UK and European contractors but received little interest, primarily because this is a brownfield project with more limited scope for value-added services such as new technology and machinery. They are hoping that a Chinese contractor might be interested in this instead. The RFQ is attached. While Uskmouth is in Wales, we are still keen to give Simec Atlantis our full support for this project as they are an important constituent of Scotland’s renewables industry.期待您的回复,祝好!

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